Benefits of Service Apartments Over Hotels

Amenities – Service Apartments in Hyderabad
July 9, 2018
Why Choose Olive Serviced Apartments
July 9, 2018

Just as important as choosing your holiday destination, picking the right accommodation can make or break your holiday plans. Choosing the wrong accommodation not only can make your holiday uncomfortable, but it can also cause unwanted stress and cut too much into your budget. However, serviced apartments are a great option for every kind of traveller.

Here are 7 Benefits of Service Apartments

1. Plenty of Space

Serviced apartments offer generous amount of living and wandering space. It is usually ranked upto 50% more spacious than hotel rooms. Making it a perfect place for recreational activities for people traveling together with friends and family.

2. Carefree family holidays

Serviced apartments provide plenty space to avoid feeling claustrophobic while traveling with children, family and groups. You’ll also have private access to up-to-date entertainment systems, such as large TVs, DVD players etc. There are also usually play areas and activities for families, as well as large pools with spa and sauna options for adults.

3. Cost-effective

Serviced apartments offer luxury accommodation without the expensive price tag of a resort or hotel. Not only will you have a comfortable, stylish stay at an affordable price, but also you can save by cooking meals in the kitchenette and stocking groceries in the apartment’s fridge.

4. The home-feel factor

Many people choose serviced apartments because they have that ‘home away from home’ feeling, as opposed to a cold, impersonal hotel room. You’ll have large accommodation with comfortable furniture and a relaxed atmosphere, no longer feeling homesick.

5. A customized experience

Serviced apartment are an experience like no other. You can have customized service that is impossible to have while staying in a hotel and can usually call ahead and ask for specific requests, such as a secured parking spot, or perhaps some of your favorite snacks stocked in the kitchen.

6. Housekeeping

A serviced apartment means that you can stay in the comfort and luxury of a ‘home away from home’ with the added benefits of excellent housekeeping services. Cleaning and a daily linen and towel service is often standard with serviced apartments, so you needn’t spend your time tidying up after yourself or family.

7. Great for business and pleasure
Many traveling business people want somewhere to stay that doesn’t feel like an isolated hotel room and many times serviced apartments work for those needing to take conference calls or business meetings. With all the amenities needed to work in comfort, serviced apartments are a wonderful option for those who travel often on business.

You can’t really go wrong with the convenience of a serviced apartment, whether you’re staying with the whole family, or while on business.