Services Apartments vs Hotels

Why Choose Olive Serviced Apartments
July 9, 2018

What are Service Apartments

Service Apartments also called as Holiday Homes or Home rentals are fully furnished apartments provide hotel-like luxuries available for short or long term stay.

Service apartments sound similar to hotels but they have a huge lot of difference between them. Let’s Find Out.



The cost of a service apartment is comparatively equal to the cost of hotel if we take duration of stay in the interval of 2 to 3 days.
But if you intend to live for longer periods it is guaranteed that the Hotel Bill will definitely go out our budget

On the other hand Service Apartments in the long run are a huge costcutter. For longer stays the visitor can easily negotiate to reasonable price with the service apartment provider. The pricing is flexible customized to the needs of the guest.
Also the cost of such home rentals reduce further when a group of people share the cost of living.


Food is the most important of all. Living in a hotel you will be dependent on eating meals outside daily. This is not atall good for both your health and your pocket.

On the other hand living in a properly loaded serviced apartment you will have access to an in-apartment kitchen fully equipped with all the necessities required for a kitchen. You can easily enjoy home cooked food saving a huge lot of money.

Space and Comfort

For people travelling in groups occupancy in a hotel is spreaded out in multiple rooms. Taking the fun out of traveling together.

In serviced apartments the occupancy is also spreaded out in multiple rooms but in the same home with great space, a great opportunity to participate in recreational activities with family & friends without disrupting the privacy of living. Rightly said as Holiday Homes

Luxuries Matched

Hotels are obviously luxurious providing facilities like room service, laundry, wifi, fully furnished occupancy etc but the good thing is serviced apartments or extended homes have equally matched all the luxuries provided by home without disrupting the privacy of the guest.

Living in a serviced apartments provides a sense of being at home with all the luxuries of the Hotel